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NK Customer Solutions is more than a customer service call center.  We are the future of call centers as we provide several solutions to the complex issue’s companies face today.

NK Customer Solutions is building a brand in Jamaica where our employees are our number one resource for our clients.  We understand that for a Company to thrive and survive, it must garner the trust, loyalty and respect of its team members.  Together we make it work.  Your success is our business!

One of the biggest assets that NK Customer Solutions has over other customer service companies that build in other countries, is one of the owners was born and raised in Jamaica.  As a proud native Jamaican, I can provide insight into our corporate clients, I have the ability to cross multi-faceted cultural understanding of business operations and ensure that your center will feel like home.

NK Customer Solutions plays a huge and increasing role in our customers, clients and community lives. For us, that means that we have a responsibility to act in a way that benefits our company’s brand, Reach. Feel and Inspire.

The executive management team at NK Customer Solutions has over 30+ years of combined experience in leadership, management, telecom, finance, marketing and customer service. The genuine impactful effect will be on the community and, eventually, the entire island.  Our Company’s investment into the employees and the community will build a future that brings pride to the center.

Let us begin to make a positive impact in your life and in the life of our Community.  NK Customer Solutions is the perfect team to build your future.

Roger Williamson
CEO & Founder, NK Customer Solutions

Reach. Feel. Inspire.

Our Reach. Imagine a near-shore company with the ability and capabilities to be flexible and creative in meeting your every need. To be a replica of your standard of operations for your customers with a seamless process.

Our Feel. NK Customer Solutions world class call center serves each client by customizing in-depth training material to fit the client’s needs. Our client's needs training allows our agents to have a direct connection with each customer to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

We Inspire. We inspire mutual respect for the customers, the companies that we serve , and the employees while enriching the lives of the community surrounding us.



NK Customer Solutions Ltd. A near shore company with a Global reach. We strive to provide a working environment that feels like home for both our clients and employees while enriching the lives of the community surrounding us.


  • Focus on Learning and Development

  • Solid Quality Assurance Program

  • Flexible Short Transitional Timeline between Contract signing and the “Go Live”

  • Solid Leadership Team

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